Joint Harvard University/IESRE Collaboration for Publishing Student Climate Science Research

As part of the CSRES project's commitment to building an infrastructure to support authentic student climate research, the Institute for Earth Science Research and Education is pleased to announce a collaboration with Harvard University's Journal of Emerging Investigators. JEI is an online peer-reviewed journal for student research. In collaboration with IESRE, JEI is now accepting manuscripts describing student climate science research. This provides a unique opportunity for student researchers to have their research reviewed, published, and widely distributed.

JEI's home page is HERE.
JEI guidelines for manuscript submission are HERE.
More detailed information about submitting climate research manuscripts can be found HERE.
A practical guide to converting a science fair presentation to a science article suitable for publication is HERE.
An example of a published JEI article is HERE.

Journal submissions should be authored by one or more students, with or without faculty mentors or sponsors. All submissions must be in English. Please note that the first deadline for manuscripts describing work done during the 2012-13 school year is an e-mail indicating your intention to submit an article. This e-mail, due by November 30, 2012, should include a tentative title and a brief (no more than 250 words) description of your proposed research.